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The TUNGZZLE now on Vimeo and Sketchfab

It's called the Tungzzle. An innovative 3D printing nozzle, the Tungzzle enhances your home desktop 3D printer to significantly improve the print precision and reliability that you can expect.


Turning even a standard 3D printer into an incredible piece of machinery, the Tungzzle is exactly what you need to achieve the printing possibilities you imagined when you first heard about additive manufacturing.


Made completely out of tungsten heavy alloy, the Tungzzle can handle highly abrasive and reinforced materials, it is supremely resistant to wear and tear, and it can facilitate the highest temperatures your printer would ever need to reach, without undergoing extreme tempering effects.

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What exactly do you need to know about the TUNGZZLE 

3D printing is more popular than ever, generating historic enthusiasm among the experts and attracting casual fans in droves. While many new, cutting-edge 3D printers hit the market every month, there is a huge disparity in their respective qualities. If you want something that is reliable and durable, you need to put some effort into selecting the right technology.
You want something that is affordable, of course, but you want something that will produce high quality as well. We get it. Passionate about 3D printing ourselves, we have seen how inconsistent the print performance and durability of the printing nozzles on the market are.
The last piece that touches any of your 3D prints, the print nozzle is of primary importance, and we have committed ourselves to engineering one that is going to set a new standard.
The Tungzzle - An innovative 3D printing nozzle made completely out of tungsten heavy alloy. Combining extreme wear and temperature resistance with high thermal conductivity in one product.

Extreme hardness and wear resistance

Tungsten heavy alloy is much harder than brass, steel, or even titanium, which makes it superior when it comes to using highly abrasive materials like Carbon, Steel, or Wood for 3D printing. Due to its high temperature resistance, this nozzle is also perfect for printing with high-temperature filaments, like Polyether ether ketone (PEEK).

Great thermal properties and reliable design

The body of Tungzzle is made completely of tungsten heavy alloy, which grants much better thermal conductivity and nozzle reliability than those with a sealed tip inside. The interior of the nozzle was designed to improve and maximize the material flow, while at the same time reducing friction.

Constant layer thickness and better calibration

Due to the unique properties of Tungzzle, a completely carefree extrusion experience is provided while printing, guaranteeing the user consistent layer thickness, even after a very long time. This is why our tungsten nozzle grants far better and longer lasting calibration effects than standard nozzles.

Industrial quality in your desktop 3D Printer

Tungsten heavy alloy is a well-established, reliable, and high quality standard
material in the aerospace, arms, and plastics industries, where it is used mainly for building  industrial extruding components. We want the Tungzzle to set a new 
standard in desktop 3D printing, elevating the possibilities of your home 3D printer.

Handles any abrasive and high-temperature material

The Tungzzle handles all 3D Printing filaments currently on the market, without any
loss of layer precision or quality. From standard PLA and ABS; to the highly abrasive 
Carbon Fibre, Steel, and Wood; to the high-temperature Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) filament, as well as many more.
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